PIV Series Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve

The ‘PIV’ Series Surface Control Subsurface Safety Valves are versatile Wireline Retrievable Safety Valves (WRSV) with a straight through bore utilising a concentric piston design combining reliability with performance in sweet to moderately corrosive environments. All ‘PIV’ Series Safety Valves are available with a Non-Equalising or Self-Equalising field-proven Flat Flapper closure system featuring a large double hinge, designed for shared stress, and a hinge pin manufactured from high strength cobalt based alloy.

The ‘PIV’ series Safety Valves are adaptable to incorporate any PTP Lock Mandrel devices and will locate and set in the compatible ‘PH’ Type Ported Nipple or PTP Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve (TRSV). The PIV Safety Valve is operated hydraulically through a control line communication port in the Nipple or TRSV and are run and retrieved by standard wireline method utilising industry standard running and pulling tools.

Optional high-temperature packing stacks are available for temperatures above 300 °F (149 °C) or to suit other extreme well conditions.

Benefits & Features:

  • Can be remotely operated on a fail-safe principle from surface.
  • High Strength Power Spring for Deep-set Capabilities.
  • Available up to 10,000 psi pressure rating.
  • Concentric Piston design.
  • Largest internal flow diameter to increase production capabilities.
  • Non- Equalising and Self-Equalising Flapper configurations.