Our Assembly team is comprised of highly trained and experienced service personnel, driven to deliver a first class service to our clients

PTP’s highly effective and consistent assembly services are central to our operations; from prototyping and validation to production and refurbishment our in house team of experienced assembly Technicians offer unrivalled expertise, aiding in bringing higher quality, greater efficiency and faster delivery to our clients; it is our understanding that providing High Quality Services to our Customers is every bit as important as providing High Quality Products. In today’s environments where Oil and Gas Wells are located in increasingly more remote ares with greater operational costs, experienced and talented service personnel, are an extremely significant component in ensuring safe and cost effective operations.

Our Technicians are proficient in the assembly and testing of Hangers, Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valves (SCSSVs) in accordance with API 14A, Landing Nipples and Lock Mandrels in accordance with API 14L, Gas Lift Mandrels, Chemical Injection Mandrels, Sliding Sleeves, Expansion Joints, Permanent/Retrievable Packers and Bridge Plugs in accordance with API 11D1, Blow Out Preventers (BOPs), Grease Injection Heads (GIHs), Lubricators and many more.

PTP's highly effective and consistent assembly services are central to our operations