One of the leading, unexampled Test Facilities in the South East Asia Region

With the Oil and Gas industry’s ever advancing demand for pushing temperature and pressure boundaries, PTP are proud to offer a compliment of solutions to fulfill some of the most stringent testing requirements that our customers may have. Our team pride ourselves on working very closely with our clients and have developed a deep and extensive knowledge of industry specific testing standards, qualifications and practices.

PTP Innovation Engineering Centre (IEC) opened Q4 2017

Innovation Engineering Centre (IEC)

At PTP we have underlined our continued progression with the introduction of the Innovation Engineering Centre (IEC) in Q4 2017; a comprehensive 300sq/ft, in-house testing facility designed and built to replicate some of the most extreme well conditions. The IEC boasts a cutting-edge Hydrostatic and Gas Test Module complete with Accumulator, Pressure and Temperature monitoring capabilities, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, cementing itself as one of the leading, unexampled Test Facilities in the South East Asia Region.

The IEC is constructed to allow for both horizontal and vertical testing with the incorporation of a robust motorised cradle and winch system capable of supporting safe working loads of up to 2,200 kg whilst providing unwavering safety and reliability. The vertical test feature supports the testing of Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valves (SCSSV) and can accommodate sizes ranging from 2-7/8″ up to 7″.

The IEC is an integral part of PTPs Design and Development process and is utilised primarily for in house product development and R&D testing. The IEC is also available for client third party testing with the below offered capabilities.


  • Liquid Test Medium Pressures up to 20,000 psi
  • Gas Test Medium Pressures up to 7,500 psi
  • Temperatures upwards of 350°F
  • Tensile and Compressive Loading capabilities up to 440,000 lbf
  • SCSSV Functional Testing in accordance with API 14A 12th Ed.
  • Packers & Bridge Plug Testing in accordance with API 11D1 3rd Ed.