Oversee the Actuation of Downhole Completion Devices

Service tools are designed for the use of running, retrieving or activating subsurface locks, plugs and other downhole flow control devices from the tubing bore. These subsurface devices are designed to incorporate an industry standard profile in which the service tool can engage/locate for pulling and shifting operations and will generally incorporate a shear mechanism running operations. Shifting profiles are internal, however, fishing profiles can be either internal or external, and therefore the fishing profile will designate which retrieval tool must be used.

Each service tool is designed to incorporate an emergency shear release feature. This is so that they may be released from the profile downhole in the event that the device becomes stuck. The Emergency Shear Release feature is most commonly achieved through the utilization of a shearing pin. This feature is activated at the surface by the manipulation of the wireline to apply upward or downward jarring action.

PTP Manufacture, Sell and Service a complete line of wireline service tools for generalized and specialized wireline well service.