Working closely with Customers and our own Operations and Marketing teams, we turn ideas and concepts into innovative products

Our Philosophy is to ensure a complete comprehension of the customers well program and Operational Objectives, along with providing in depth knowledge of products and procedures to combat real life challenges encountered during application that will help to provide a solution to operational problems in oil and gas wells around the world.

At PTP we produce cost-effective products of the highest quality without exception. This is borne into our Design and Development system from the outset, from the conceptual design of the tool, to the detailed technical drawings and the manufacturing process. All of our products are engineered, developed and tested within our Singapore Facility by our team of highly experienced Design Engineers specialising in Downhole tool Design.  At PTP we integrate the understanding of core mechanics and materials with the Design process facilitated by the knowledge of manufacturing technologies and engineering principles to best cater to our clients needs. PTP boast an extensive Engineering understanding – both mechanical and chemical – of metals, plastics, elastomers and ceramics as well as an in Material Corrosion and its capabilities.

PTP ensure complete comprehension of the customers well program and Operational Objectives