Complete Control in Downhole Flow Manipulation

In the majority of completions, a specific piece of equipment is installed to allow the opening and subsequent closure of a circulation port between tubing and annulus in a production environment.This can be provided by installing one or more of the following devices; Sliding Sleeve (SSD), Side Pocket Mandrel (SPM) or a Ported Nipple to supplement the downhole SSSV and also provide isolation if the well is hydraulically dead and the SSSV is to be removed. Thus, the provision of this isolation is normally provided deep within the wellbore either just above or just below the packer.

The isolation can be provided by lowering a plug down the inside of the tubing string until it lands and locks into a nipple at a predetermined depth which has been incorporated into the design of the completion string.

PTP have the capability to supply industry proven flow control equipment to allow control of your well through intervention methods.