Innovation in Zonal Isolation

In respect of potential damage that can be caused to the production casing, a method of annulus isolation is required in the majority of production and injection wells. This annular isolation is performed by installing a Packer in the completion string. The Packer is a sealing device that isolates and contains well pressure and production fluid within the wellbore to protect the casing and other formations above or below the producing zone. This is essential to the basic functioning of most wells. The Packer is lowered into the wellbore with an elastomeric element in the retracted position. At the prescribed depth, the element is set by mechanical or hydraulic manipulation, to fill the annular space between the tubing and the annulus. PTP Packers fulfill the industry’s goal of increased downhole efficiency and offer an economic solution to the oil industry’s well completion demands and ever increasing costs.

PTP can provide a range of Permanent and Retrievable Packers each with a full family of accessories including Seal Assemblies, Anchor Latch Assemblies and Mill out Extensions.  A wide variety of material and elastomer options are also available to suit virtually any well environment.