Shear Out Sub

PTP offer two types of ‘Shear Out Subs’, a ‘Ball Seat’ and ‘Plug Type’, designed for temporary plugging of the tubing for hydraulic actuation of devices, such as setting a Hydraulic Packer. Prior to running in hole the Shear Out Sub is assembled with shear screws to hold the Ball Seat/Plug in place. For the ‘Ball Type’ models a steel ball is circulated through the tubing and is designed to land and seal in the seat allowing for the build up of tubing pressure to a predetermined value in order to set the above Packer or other Tool. Once the Packer/Tool is actuated/set, the ball seat can be sheared out by pressuring up to the predetermined shear rating of the installed shear screws, thus expelling the plug/ball seat out the bottom and leaving a full bore opening through the tool.

Once sheared the Ball and Plug Type Shear Out Subs will leave a full bore opening for maximum flow and optimised production operations.

PTP Shear Out Subs are available in a variety of metallurgic configurations, virtually any premium thread, as well as a wide selection of ball materials and types.

PTP also offer attachments with a perforated catcher to retain the Seat/Plug and to allow flow through the tubing after the Seat/Plug has been sheared out.


Shear Out Subs can be manufactured from premium materials based on complex operational and/or severe environmental requirements.


Shear Out Subs can be tailored to specific customer requirements including, desired Ball diameters and Seat Bore IDs to accommodate different running operations. All Shear Out Subs are manufactured to conform to NACE MR-0175 for H2S Service applications as standard and with differential pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi.