P-ALS Anchor Latch

The ‘P-ALS’ Anchor Latch assembly provides a reliable, effective seal in the ‘P-SAB(-TE)’ Packers seal bore to isolate communication between the zone of interest and annular space above the Packer. ‘P-ALS’ Anchor Latch assemblies utilise a threaded Collet Latch  in addition to the locating shoulder for positive connection to the Packer. The Latch, in conjunction with threads machined into the Mandrel of the Packer, enable the tubing string to be anchored to the Packer.

The ‘P-ALS’ Anchor Latch assembly allows upward forces working on the seals and tubing string to be transferred to the Latch to prevent seal movement. This is the preferred method where well conditions permit. Static seals are not subject to friction and foreign material is not transferred into the seal bore as can occur when non-anchored seal assemblies move through the seal bore.

It is necessary to consider the Well environment and conditions when discussing the pressure rating of the complete packing unit, PTP offer Anchor Latches in appropriate sizes and models up to 15,000 psi.

PTP Anchor Latches are supplied in various Seal Types, Materials and also come with the option to add additional Seal Units if required.


PTP offers a large variety of seal stacks from our standard seal stack (Molyglass/HNBR) to other combination elastomeric/non-elastomeric. As a standard, all ‘P-ALS’ Anchor Latch assemblies are supplied in materials conforming to NACE standard MR-0175 for sulfide stress cracking. Alternative materials are available upon request.