Resolute Wellbore Provision and Maintenance

The Toolstring shown opposite is the standard supplied by PTP for downhole wireline work. Non-standard Toolstring configurations can be required depending on well conditions such as depth, drag, or hole size. In most cases these conditions can be overcome by adapting the toolstring make up. For alternative configurations please contact a PTP sales representative.

Any components below the Knuckle Joint will vary depending on the operation to be performed such as fishing, bailing, downhole installation, downhole retrieval, etc.

Standard Toolstring consisting of:

  • Rope Socket (0.092”, 108” or 0.125” Wire Size)
  • Means of attaching the Toolstring to the Wire.
  • Standard Stem (2, 3 & 5 ft Lengths)
  • Provides weight to overcome friction and pressure acting on cross section of the wire created by the packing located in the Stuffing Box.
  • Spang Jar (20” & 30” Stroke)
  • To increase jarring impact downhole.
  • Heavy Duty Knuckle Joint
  • Ball & Socket design to allow for Rotational and Angular motion when running in hole in the event that the tubing is crooked or corkscrewed.

Wireline tools are designed to provide one of three very basic functions. These functions are to ensure the tubing ID is clear in order to pass subsurface flow control devices to their desired locations (Tubing Swage, Tubing Gauge, Tubing Broach), identifying objects or obstructions (Lead Impression Block, Blind Box) or finally to remove them from the well (Prong Grab, Wireline Magnet, Fishing Spear).

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