Expansion Joint

PTP provide Expansion Joints in 3 models; ‘P-XJS Clutch Type’, ‘P-XJS Splined Type’ and ‘P-XJR Rotational Type’. These are run in the tubing string, above the Packer, as a high performance downhole device used to accommodate tubing expansion and contraction whilst maintaining maximum ID through the completion string. Our Expansion Joints consist of a Housing with a honed internal finish along with a Seal Mandrel incorporating a series of working seals and debris barriers. All Mandrels can be held in place by shear screws located at different positions and the shear value can be manipulated to accommodate different well conditions and applications.

The P-XJS and the P-XJC Expansion Joints incorporate features allowing for the transmission of torque through the joint. P-XJS and the P-XJC Expansion Joints can be run with a P-SAB(-TE) Packer, allowing the completion to be run in a single trip and if desired the well may be flanged up prior to setting the Packer and activating the Expansion Joint.

Expansion Joints are activated by applying tension to an amount exceeding the rated value of the installed shear screws. Once activated the expansion joint is free to stroke accommodating tubing expansion and contraction.


Premium materials with a precision honed seal bore to ensure reliable sealing through full stroke lengths of up to 20ft.


As standard PTP Expansion Joints are manufactured to conform to NACE MR-0175 for H2S Service applications with differential pressure rating of 7,500psi. The P-XJS is also available in alternative materials for severe environments and at a differential pressure rating up to 10,000 psi.