Fluted Casing Sub

The Fluted Casing Sub is made up to the tubing string and it’s concentric larger OD allows it to act as a centraliser. The Body is fluted to allow maximum flow through at all times and acts as a protector for the control line or downhole cables,  which may be installed in the well to, perform manipulation of hydraulic devices, inject inhibitor chemicals, or as a means of communicating information from permanent downhole gauges.

PTP provide a complete range of Fluted Casing for sizes up to to 7.000″, weights (standard or heavy wall), and grades (J55, N80, L80, P110, and special materials upon request). Available in 2ft lengths as standard, other lengths are available upon request.

Fluted Casing Subs are available to suit special metallurgy requirements based on well conditions and can be supplied with any feasible API or premium thread combination.