PAF Series Lock Mandrel

The PAF Lock Mandrel is a down hole device, run and retrieved on slick line. It is designed to locate and anchor in the PAF Landing Nipple within the tubing string to provide a setting point for flow control equipment such as valves, chokes and plugs. The PAF Lock Mandrel has an internal fishing profile to accommodate the maximum possible bore size through the mandrel and incorporates a top No-Go for positive location in the Nipple Profile; once the Lock locates, the dogs are then designed to take the full force of any pressure and not the No-Go shoulder. The PAF Lock Mandrel is designed without any springs to eliminate the chance of spring failure down hole, instead utilising a Lock Ring hold down mechanism feature to ensure the Lock cannot be accidentally unset during downhole operations.

Designed to hold pressure from above or below and also in the event of  sudden pressure reversals with double beveled Retractable Locking Dogs. The design incorporates an industry standard internal fishing profile and is run and pulled by standard wireline methods, the design in spring-free to eliminate the requirement for redress/replacement and also incorporates a hold down mechanism as standard t ensure operations can be carried out without premature release.

It is necessary to consider the Well environment and conditions when discussing the pressure rating of the packing unit, PTP offer Lock Mandrels in appropriate sizes and models up to 10,000 psi.

The PTP PAF Lock Mandrels are supplied in various Seal Material Configurations and materials to suit custom operational and environmental requirements.


The PAF Lock Mandrel provides reliability with a top No-Go for locating, landing and locking in the selected nipple at a pre-determined location for operation of subsurface flow controls and is ideal for Plugging under pressure. PTP offers a large variety of seal stacks from our standard seal stack (Molyglass/HNBR) to other combination elastomeric/non-elastomeric. As a standard, all ‘P-ALS’ Anchor Latch assemblies are supplied in materials conforming to NACE standard MR-0175 for sulfide stress cracking. Alternative materials are available upon request.