To Provide Immediate Value to our Clients by Quickly Delivering High Quality Products and Solutions that have an Immediate Impact on their Operations.

At PTP, we are a one stop provider for our customers. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide innovative and cost effective solutions. Our team continuously researches the latest technology to incorporate into our products and continue to meet or exceed industry needs.  Our core values are key to sustainable growth  for both our clients and us.



We are a responsible, corporate citizen committed to the Health and Safety of people and protection of the environment. We are fully committed to laws, regulations, and the protection of our clients Intellectual Property.

Product Innovation

We are committed to innovation and developing new ideas to bring about enhanced precision and productivity in design and manufacturing. Through this, we have positioned ourselves as a technically capable supplier of high quality innovative products and the partner of choice.

Client Intimacy

PTP works closely with its clients to identify and understand individual client’s unique needs. This allows PTP to be responsive and oriented to client’s specific requirements.

Performance Excellence

We are committed to continual improvement and delivering the best tools and services that enhance and optimize our customers’ performance.